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Collective Switching

Using the power of collective switching to save money on your energy bills. Register now!


Households in East Northamptonshire could save themselves hundreds of pounds a year by simply registering to switch energy supplier. The more people that register and choose to switch, the greater the savings could be.


Whilst we can't guarantee every household in the district will save £250 a year, we have seen this happen in similar campaigns. The peace of mind that you are paying a fair price is invaluable.


We are working with an expert in collective switching, iChoosr, who have run successful campaigns around the UK, saving households well earned money. It takes less than 10mins to register your interest.

What are you waiting for? Click on the Make Me Smile! link below.

Important: East Northamptonshire Council do not request any personal information to be provided to us from iChoosr in relation to any switching auctions. All information provided is held by iChoosr.

You will need an annual statement or monthly bill to register.