Pest control

We offer a treatment service for these pests

Mice, Rats, Wasps fleas, bedbugs, cockroaches and carpet beetles

To book a treatment please call 01832 742167.

We cannot treat the following

Bees, booklice (psocids), flies, foxes, pigeons, moths, squirrels, woodlice, pharaoh ants or any protected animals including badgers, bats and snakes.

Most households, whether urban or rural, suffer from pests at some time. Quite often it's the cleanest homes that are most at risk. Modern centrally heated homes can be especially inviting to some pests in winter. In summer some pests may get in through open windows.

Many household nuisance pests can be treated by using humane traps and pesticides available in local shops. Fortunately, only a few pests are more than a nuisance and need to be treated because they can be a health risk so sometimes it is advisable to get professional help to solve a persistent problem.