Check your Council Tax band

You can check your Council Tax band and the amount of council tax you and those of neighbouring properties pay.

If you have any questions about your banding contact the Valuation Office Agency.  They offer a friendly and professional service, however if you choose to employ someone to handle this for you, you should be aware that you are likely to be charged a fee for any work carried out on your behalf even if this involves only giving advice and information.

Council Tax Appeals

If you disagree with your band you can appeal.  The grounds for appeal may include the following:-

  • Where you feel that your band is incorrect.
  • Where you start or stop using part of your dwelling as a business or the balance between domestic and business use changes.
  • If you believe that your home should not be shown on the valuation list, for example if you think it is not separate, self-contained accommodation.

Further information about council tax and a guide to valuation banding and appeals is available.