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Local Development Scheme

The current development planning system was introduced in 2004, by the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004. This legislation required the District Council to produce a project plan/ timetable for the preparation of the Local Plan.  It is required that this project plan/ timetable (known as a Local Development Scheme/ LDS) be reviewed annually.

The updated Local Development Scheme was agreed by the Planning Policy Committee on 20 February.  A summary timetable is set out below, or specific details can be viewed through the above link.



Formal Commencement/Consultation on the scope of the Part 2 Local Plan/Call For Sites, including Issues/Options Consultation  (Regulation 18)

January – March 2017

Publication of Draft Plan and consultation (Regulation 19)

August – October 2017

Submission of Plan (Regulation 22)

February 2018

Examination of Plan (Regulation 24)

Summer 2018

Receipt of Inspectors Report (Regulation 25)

December 2018

Adoption of Plan (Regulation 26)

Spring 2019


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