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East Northants District Council was replaced by the North Northamptonshire Council on 1 April, 2021

We are rebranding our sites to reflect this. We will ensure continuity of the services you receive, irrespective of the branding.

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The Corporate Plan

The Corporate Plan 2016 - 2019

We continue to live in challenging times financially. The Council’s funding from central government has reduced dramatically and we can no longer afford some of the plans and projects that we envisaged a few years ago.

The country’s financial problems have had a major impact on many of our residents and communities too, creating a greater demand than ever for some of our services and those of our partners. The challenge for all of us is to do more with less.

We have a record of improving services, investing in technology and staff to embrace new ways of working and to tackle specific issues. We have reduced our management costs by nearly a half in recent years, and have entered into a range of shared and contracted-out services to ensure that Council Tax payers get the best possible value for money.

Despite the financial constraints under which we have been operating, we have remained ambitious and have worked with the private sector to deliver significant growth in the District. It has been very challenging to achieve that growth while preserving the character of our towns and villages and ensuring that new development brings with it the associated infrastructure and services needed to support that development – road improvements and medical facilities, for example.

We will continue to play a full part in ensuring that the District thrives and prospers. This Corporate Plan includes a small number of key priorities which we will be focusing on over the next four years:

  • Sustainable development – there is continuing demand for housing in this area. We recognise the need for growth and the benefits it can bring, particularly in helping to revitalise our town centres, but it must be sustainable. We will aim to accommodate sensible levels of growth while preserving the character of our historic towns and villages.
  • Regeneration and economic development – allied to growth must be improvements to the quality of our town centres. We will work with the private sector to bring investment into the area and to reverse the decline of some of our towns. We will continue to consult local communities about the changes that they want to see and work with them to achieve their aspirations for their local area.
  • Financial stability – we will continue to control our costs, to find ways of generating income and to provide value-for-money services by maintaining our drive for efficiency and building effective partnerships.
  • Customer-focused services – despite the economic downturn, the District is still relatively affluent. Many of our residents and businesses routinely use the internet and we will continue to upgrade our website to provide better quality information and to enable far more transactions to be carried out online. We will also work even more closely with our partners, particularly the County Council, to meet the needs of the most vulnerable members of our community.

East Northamptonshire is a great place to live, work and visit. This Council will continue to play its part in making it even better.


Cllr Steven North 
Leader of East Northamptonshire Council 

You can view the full Corporate Plan here.

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