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Rural North Oundle & Thrapston Plan - Initial Examination

RNOTP Examination - Initial Examination Hearings - Consultation - Feb - March 2009 - Schedule of Proposed Changes

Following the receipt of the Inspector's Note on 31 October 2008, Members and officers undertook further work necessary to address each of the issues identified by the Inspector. This work was completed early in February 2009 and necessitated the need to prepare a number of supporting documents in order to strengthen the evidence base for the Rural North, Oundle and Thrapston Plan. As a result of this work, several changes to the Rural North, Oundle and Thrapston Plan and Proposals Map were proposed.

Schedule of Proposed Changes to the Rural North, Oundle and Thrapston Plan and Proposals Map (13 February 2009)

Sustainability Appraisal Report update

Appropriate Assessment Screening Report update

The Schedule of proposed changes is set out in three parts:

Part 1 - Changes arising through examination process (August - October 2008) - "H" prefix for each change reference means "Hearings"
Part 2 - Changes arising from Inspector's Note (31 October) - "IN" prefix means "Inspector's Note"
Part 3 - Changes to the Proposals Map "PM" prefix means "Proposals Map"

The Schedule also provides a brief explanation about the background to each proposed change.

Similarly, the Sustainability Appraisal Report and Appropriate Assessment Screening Report have been updated to take account of the Schedule of proposed changes. The regulations require that these updated documents should also be subject to a further consultation, alongside the Schedule of proposed changes.

Statutory consultation took place between 13 February - 27 March 2009

The Schedule of Proposed Changes and supporting documentation was subject to a 6 week statutory consultation, from Friday, 13 February 2009 until 5.30pm on Friday, 27 March 2009. Summary representations are available for viewing through Public Access.

Statutory notice

Along with the Schedule of proposed changes and accompanying documentation, the following statutory notice has been submitted to the Inspector. This formally announces the statutory 6-week consultation period for the above documents under Regulation 28 (13 February - 27 March), and the start of further Examination Hearings sessions at the end of April as required under Regulation 34 (commencing 29 April 2009).

Notice of proposed changes to the Rural North, Oundle and Thrapston Plan and the restart of Examination Hearings sessions (29 April 2009)

Supporting documentation

The current round of consultation relates to the Schedule of proposed changes, together with the accompanying Sustainability Appraisal and Appropriate Assessment Screening updates. However, several further supporting evidence base documents have been prepared as part of this process, which have informed all of the proposed changes to the RNOTP set out in the Schedule.

Schedule of proposed changes to the Rural North, Oundle and Thrapston Plan - supporting evidence base

Following the publication and consultation of the Schedule of Proposed Changes, the final Examination Hearing session took place which was accompanied by addition work and Final Submissions. Details of this can be viewed here.