You may qualify for the Test and Trace support payments

Have you been instructed by NHS Test and Trace to self-isolate because you have tested positive for Covid-19, or have been in close contact with someone who has Covid-19?

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Council Tax Support

How Council Tax Support is calculated

Council Tax Support is assessed by comparing your income against figures provided by the government that reflect the basic needs of a household. This is called your applicable amount.

The applicable amount will vary from person to person depending on your circumstances, including:

  • You and your partner's age
  • Any disabilities that you or your partner may have
  • Any children for whom child benefit is payable

When calculating the amount of Council Tax Support you may be entitled to we take into account:

  • Your income
  • Any savings you may have
  • The size of your family
  • Non - dependents (other people aged 18 or over who live with you)

Use the online Calculator to find out how much you may be entitled to.

Once an assessment has been done of your case we will write to you to let you know the outcome and if a discount has been awarded how much it is and when it will apply from.

If you have applied for and are entitled to Council Tax Support from the beginning of April, the amount of benefit shown on your Council Tax bill is the total benefit for the whole of the year. This may change if your circumstances change during the year.