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Neighbourhood Planning

Rushden Neighbourhood Plan

Latest stage

Neighbourhood Plan Examination

On 15 January 2018, John Slater was appointed to undertake the independent Examination for the Rushden Neighbourhood Plan. The Examination finished on 4 April 2018, with publication of the Examiner's Report.

Subject to the Town Council agreeing the Examiner's Modifications, the Rushden Neighbourhood Plan is scheduled to take place on 24 May 2018.

During the Examination, the Examiner raised a number of questions regarding specific policies/ proposals in the submitted Neighbourhood Plan. These were considered by East Northamptonshire Council and Rushden Town Council and the responses were collated into a response to each of the Examiner's questions:

17 representations were received during the “Regulation 16” consultation (3 November – 18 December 2017, inclusive; further details below), which preceded the Neighbourhood Plan Examination.  These may be viewed through the following link:

Previous Stages

Submission of Rushden Neighbourhood Plan

On 26 October 2017, Rushden Town Council wrote to East Northamptonshire Council, to formally submit the Rushden Neighbourhood Development Plan and supporting documents in accordance with Regulation 15 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012, as amended.  The submission documents, or ‘plan proposal’, consist of:

  1. A map identifying the area to which the proposed neighbourhood development plan relates [bound within the submission version Rushden Neighbourhood Plan];
  2. Submission Version Policies Map;
  3. The Consultation Statement;
  4. The proposed neighbourhood development plan [Rushden Neighbourhood Plan Submission Version (October 2017)];
  5. A statement (“Basic Conditions Statement”) explaining how the proposed neighbourhood development plan meets the requirements of paragraph 8 of Schedule 4B to the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

To comply with these and other statutory requirements, Rushden Town Council submitted the following documents:

On 27 October, we wrote to the Town Council, to confirm that the plan proposal complies with all of the relevant statutory requirements.

The “Regulation 16” consultation

Submission of the Neighbourhood Plan under Regulation 15 represents the stage where Rushden Town Council and the appointed Neighbourhood Planning Group effectively “hands over the baton” for the neighbourhood development plan to the local planning authority.

East Northamptonshire Council then ran a six week consultation under Regulation 16 (3 November - 18 December 2017), with reference to the “Basic Conditions” that the Neighbourhood Plan needs to meet.  These require that the plan:

  1. Has regard to national policy and guidance from the Secretary of State;
  2. Contributes to sustainable development;
  3. Is in general conformity with the strategic policy of the development plan for the area or any part of that area;
  4. Doesn’t breach or is otherwise compatible with EU obligations – this includes the SEA Directive of 2001/42/EC; and that
  5. The making of the Neighbourhood Plan is not likely to have a significant effect on a European site (as defined in the Conservation of Habitats and Species regulations 2010(d)), either alone or in combination with other plans or projects.

The relevant consultation documents are as follows:

Regulation 14 Consultation (17 March – 2 May 2017)

On 17 March 2017, Rushden Town Council published the first draft version of the Rushden Neighbourhood Plan for consultation. The Regulation 14 consultation took place between 17 March and 2 May 2017 inclusive.

Designation of Neighbourhood Area

On 25 June 2013, East Northamptonshire Council received an application from Rushden Town Council for the designation of the whole of the Rushden Parish area as a Neighbourhood Plan area.

For general queries regarding neighbourhood planning please contact the planning policy team on 01832 742010

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