Committal Proceedings

We collect council tax from over 39,000 households in East  Northamptonshire and the majority of our council tax payers pay on time.  Almost four out of every five people now pay council tax by Direct Debit in East Northamptonshire.

Our council tax billing and recovery team work very hard to ensure we collect council tax promptly and efficiently. When all our attempts to collect payment have been unsuccessful, including using our Enforcement Agents, Equita Ltd and or Rundles, our final option is to summon non payers to court for a committal hearing.

You can be committed to prison if you refuse or neglect to pay your council tax. At a committal hearing, the Magistrates will examine how the debt arose and, if they find that you have refused or neglected to pay, they will impose a prison sentence. The sentence may be suspended pending payments being made under an arrangement.

As the sentences imposed are declared in open court, the Council is entitled to publish these details. We do this from time to time as we believe it is in the interest of the majority of our customers who do pay their council tax on time.

Recent sentences imposed 

Whilst this page is being updated please see our debt enforcement figures here.