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Council and committee meetings

About council and committee meetings

East Northamptonshire Council makes its decisions at council and committee meetings. These meetings are open to the public although you may sometimes be excluded if anything confidential is being discussed.

Whilst meetings are normally held in the Council Chamber, Cedar Drive Thrapston, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, all meetings are being held online only, until further notice.

View previous virtual meetings

All of East Northamptonshire Council’s committee meetings from 22 May 2020 are available to view on YouTube.

How to view details of a committe on the day it takes place:

  • Check on the Calendar of Meetings that it is taking place today
  • Visit the Agendas, Reports and Minutes page
  • Scroll to the section titled 'To view a full list of meetings, select a committee heading'
  • Click on the committee, where you will find details of the meeting taking place today

All meetings of the authority follow the rules laid out in the council's constitution and the authority of the Chairman is final.

The public gallery in the council chamber is fully accessible to people in wheelchairs. If you want to attend a meeting in a room other than the council chamber please contact the Committee Officer in advance so that access arrangements may be made.

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