Draft  Revised Local List of Information Requirements -  Consultation January 2019

Draft Local Requirements 2019

Applications are submitted on standard application forms and applicants are required to submit information for the validation / assessment of their applications.

Some of these requirements are set by government and are consistent across all local planning authorities in England.  In addition to National requirements councils are able to request more information for some applications, tailored to reflect the material planning considerations that are relevant for that area, and these are known as the ‘Local Requirements’.

Setting out the information requirements in a local list helps to ensure that applications are supported by the correct information and that sufficient detail has been provided. As the level of information required varies depending on the nature and scale of a development proposal, the local list provides greater clarity for applicants and minimises the risk of requests for further information which can cause delays in the determination of applications.

The document that we are consulting on combines both National and Local validation requirements in one place, so that it is as easy to use as possible.

Legislation and government guidance states that the local list must be:

  • Reasonable, having regard in particular to the nature and scale of the proposed development; and
  • About a matter that it is reasonable to think will be a material consideration in the determination of the application.

The local planning authority must consult on a draft local list and then formally publish the document having taken any representations into consideration.

East Northamptonshire Council has reviewed its current local list, which was published in March 2016.

We have reviewed our local information requirements in light of;

  • changes introduced by the government
  • changes to local policies
  • requirements for different types of applications to make sure that the information requested is necessary for a particular scale and type of development.

Each of the individual information requirements has been reviewed and amended, where necessary, to reflect changes in: legislation, policy and guidance.

We are inviting comments on the Revised Local List of Information Requirements over a period of six weeks from 21 January 2019 to midday on 4 March 2019. Any comments received will be considered in the preparation of the final local validation checklist before it is published.

We look forward to receiving your written comments which can be emailed to

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