Information on paying Council bills

Paying your bills

East Northamptonshire Council offers a convenient and secure way to pay for a number of council services online using a debit or credit card. These services include:

  • Council Tax
  • DBI Sundry Debtors (chose this when paying invoices)
  • Non Domestic Rates
  • Housing benefit overpayment
  • Planning applications
  • Pest control in domestic premises
  • Waste management in domestic and commercial premises
  • Licenses

All customers who pay any council bill by credit card will incur a 1.8% handling fee. This charge applies to credit card payments only, not debit card payments. Details of this charge will be displayed before you confirm your payment and you can cancel the transaction if you wish.

If you want to make a payment, please use our online payment system.

By applying handling fees, the council recoups some of the transaction charges it has to pay to credit card companies. Just like other businesses, the council needs to identify areas where it can reduce costs and this is a proven method to achieve that aim.

The council doesn't make money from handling fees, as it will only recoup some of the charges it pays to credit card companies. The handling fee percentage will be set at a level equal to, but not exceeding, the credit card companies transaction charge.

Our internet and automated telephone payment systems can identify whether a card is a credit or debit card and determine whether a handling fee should apply. If you choose to use a credit card, you will be advised of the handling fee amount and total payable before you commit to the payment.

The payment system will automatically calculate the handling fee for credit card payments using the current handling fee percentage and the amount you are paying.

For more information about handling fees, contact the details shown on your bill, invoice or letter.

Payments made before 3.45 pm should appear on your account the next working day. Payments made after 3.45pm will appear on your account the day after the next working day.

For all card payments we will issue an authorisation code and if you provide an email address we will send you an electronic receipt.

If you pay at our offices by card or cheque we will issue a receipt. Please note we no longer accept cash at our offices.

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