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Council carries out waste inspections

Published Monday, 26 November 2018

We’re all too aware of the negative impact poor recycling can have on our environment, and East Northamptonshire Council is appealing for residents to think about what they’re putting in with their recycling.

The council’s waste team carried out an in-depth inspection of the quality of recycling being collected from across the district and here’s an example of what the team discovered:

• Black sacks and carrier bags
• Food waste
• Nappies
• Textiles and clothes
• Wood
• Green waste

When these items are placed in the green-lidded bins for recycling they can potentially spoil otherwise recyclable items. The recyclables are mostly sorted mechanically. Some contaminants can damage the sorting equipment or block sensors, while clothing can get trapped in conveyor belts and cause a jam. There is also an increased disposal cost passed on to East Northamptonshire Council by the sorting facility if the contamination level of a load we deliver exceeds the acceptable level.

Leader of East Northamptonshire Council, Cllr Steven North, said:
“The majority of people take the time to recycle responsibly; however, it is disappointing that some people put non-recyclable items such as nappies and food waste into their recycling, especially when we provide a weekly food collection. This causes the bin load to be unnecessarily contaminated.

“If anyone is unsure about what can and cannot be recycled, please check our website or contact a member of our waste team who will be able to offer guidance.”

To find out more about what can and can’t be recycled visit: https://www.east-northamptonshire.gov.uk/recycling