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Consultation on Tresham Garden Village

Published Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Now live

The promoters behind Tresham Garden Village are currently consulting on a Masterplan and Delivery Strategy which outlines what is proposed at the site and how and when it could be delivered. 
The purpose of this consultation is to gather feedback on the proposals with a view to their refinement ahead of the submission of a planning application for East Northamptonshire Council to determine in line with the provisions of the Joint Core Strategy for North Northamptonshire (including Policy 14 – Deenethorpe Airfield Area of Opportunity) and national planning policies. 
This consultation runs to 5pm on Monday April 16th and through it feedback is sought via an online survey. To aid this process a website has been established to provide more detail on what is being proposed at the site. 

In the event of queries please can these be directed to the promoters