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Dog bins – council plea to keep district clean

Published Tuesday, 06 March 2018

East Northamptonshire Council (ENC) is urging dog walkers to apply a ‘common sense approach’ when disposing of waste, following a spate of complaints from residents and businesses.

Recently, some dog waste bins in the district have filled up quicker than normal, and in some cases have overflown, before the Council has had a chance to empty them.


Dogs bins are provided in conjunction with parish or town councils and are emptied at least once a week.


Mike Deacon, ENC’s Head of Environmental Services, said: “We’re noticing more and more that dog poo bins are also being used for other large bags of rubbish, domestic and commercial, which means they are getting filled more quickly and there isn’t room for the dog poo bags. This isn’t fair on our responsible dog walkers.


“We welcome your reports of overflowing bins, but please allow us a few days to get them emptied. If it’s nearing the usual emptying day, we will allow the agreed collection cycle to resolve it rather than send a crew solely for one bin, particularly if it’s in the north of the district, to make the best use of taxpayer’s money.”


Councillor Steven North, Leader of ENC, added: “We promise to keep emptying the bins, but we need a minority of our residents and visitors to apply a common sense approach. We’re pleased to see people are picking up after their dogs, but if a bin is full, please use another or take it home. Leaving bags on the floor is only adding to the problem. Everyone has a responsibility to keep our district clean and tidy.”


Please report full bins to ENC’s waste management team by email or on 01832 742026.


The Dog Wardens at ENC are monitoring bin usage and if necessary, will review how frequently they are emptied.