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Have you had a postal vote since 2016?

Published Monday, 25 January 2021

Some voters in East Northamptonshire will receive a letter from East Northamptonshire Council as part of the annual postal vote refresh.

Those who applied for a postal vote five years ago must by law renew their signatures and confirm their dates of birth, to ensure that they can continue to vote by post.

This will only affect around 1900 residents. If it applies to you, they will write to you.

David Oliver, Chief Executive and Returning Officer at East Northamptonshire Council said:

If you like the convenience of a postal vote, please return your completed form in the pre-paid envelope as soon as possible. The deadline for getting your form back to us is 15 March. If we don’t hear back from you by then, we will have to cancel your postal vote and you will need to re-apply or vote in person at a polling station.

Returning your completed form ensures your postal vote at future elections. If you no longer wish to vote by post, please tick the box on the form and return it in the pre-paid envelope.

More information about the postal vote refresh

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