£40k council funding for East Northants residents

Published Monday, 31 July 2017

East Northamptonshire Council (ENC) is helping more communities in the district with £40,000 of funding for local projects.

Each district councillor is allocated £1,000 per year to award to parish/town councils, community groups, voluntary organisations and charities working in East Northamptonshire.

Thanks to ENC’s Member Empowerment Fund (MEF), these types of projects can be funded:

  • Community events, fayres and carnivals
  • Community/Neighbourhood Planning activities
  • Activities that promote participation in physical activity/healthy lifestyles
  • Environmental improvements e.g. tidying up, new planting schemes
  • Community facility improvements
  • Support for new groups e.g. first aid, committee skills training
  • Equipment for use by the local community
  • Young people projects including equipment for youth groups
  • Safer communities e.g. parking schemes, speed reduction measures

Since the scheme began in June 2011, communities have benefitted from over £190,000 of grant funding to support their projects, including most recently:

Councillor Glenn Harwood MBE, district councillor for Higham Ferrers Lancaster Ward, supported the purchase of a Public Address system for local community events. He said:

“Small amounts granted from a councillor’s MEF always seem to make large differences to those communities receiving it.

“In this case, Chelveston is a small village who had already expended funds, from a limited amount, towards the Rededication of Memorial to the USAF 305th Bomber Group Memorial event.  The community would have found it difficult to purchase a suitable PA system, of a quality that would last, with their remaining funds.

“Being able to make a contribution from my MEF ensured the PA system could be purchased in the first place, and it should last for years to come, benefiting so many different members of the community.”

Councillor Steven North, Leader of ENC, added: “This is a great small fund that allows our members to financially support the communities in their area. If you need a bit of assistance to make your project a reality, have a chat with your local councillor who may be able to help.”

To find out more about the scheme and/or to apply for funding please visit the MEF page or speak to your councillor (contact details).

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