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Going for gold in East Northants

Published Thursday, 06 October 2016

East Northamptonshire Council (ENC) is helping more businesses deliver healthy food choices for customers across the district by running a bespoke course next month.

Food businesses in East Northamptonshire are invited to attend a day session at the ENC offices in Thrapston on 22 November to complete the Healthier Food and Special Diets course.

For just £72, the course will cover the principle of balanced diets and how to plan and provide special diets, and you’ll receive the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) Level 2 Award.

This qualification has been designed to provide a good, basic understanding of nutrition to enable learners to plan well-balanced meals that will have a positive impact on health.

Taking part in the course is essential if you want to achieve gold status for Eat Out Eat Well (EOEW), a new healthy eating award adopted by ENC that recognises and rewards catering businesses that promote healthier food choices for their customers.

So far, 16 food businesses in East Northamptonshire have received the EOEW award and three have achieved gold: Manor School Kitchen in Raunds, Rushden’s Mrs B’s café and Stanwick caterer MiamMiam.

Principal Linda Brooks of the Manor Learning Trust said: “We are very proud to hold the Eat Out Eat Well award as we want students to not only recognise the food on their plate, but to develop an understanding of their health and nutrition, and the impact this has on their learning and education. It is extremely satisfying for us to be recognised for our commitment in promoting healthy eating to our students. Well done to our catering manager and the catering team for making this possible.”

Councillor Steven North, Leader of ENC, added: “We have some great restaurants and cafés in East Northamptonshire and we want to work with them to provide healthy options for customers who enjoy eating out with family and friends. We hope that more caterers take up the opportunity to book on the course and become part of this initiative to ensure that in East Northamptonshire, there are always healthy choices on the menu.”

For more information on EOEW, including how your food business can apply for and receive the award, please visit the EOEW page or contact the Health Protection team by email or 01832 742055.

To book a space on the Healthier Food and Special Diets course please call 01832 742263. The course will also run on 8 February and 25 April 2017.