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Like to eat out and eat healthy?

Published Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Choosing a restaurant serving tasty, healthy meals could soon become a lot easier thanks to the launch of Eat Out Eat Well.

Eating out is part of everyday life, but it shouldn’t always have to involve unhealthy eating. We’re used to making choices based on calorie content and other factors when we buy and consume our food, and eating out shouldn’t be any different. Having healthy options on the menu are important when making the decision to eat well and stay healthy.


That’s why East Northamptonshire Council is introducing a new award scheme called Eat Out Eat Well that rewards caterers for offering healthier food choices to customers.


Most catering premises that serve food to the public are eligible for the award, including restaurants, cafes, hotels, workplace and hospital restaurants and pubs. The level of award is based on a scoring system that takes into account the type of food on offer (plenty of fruit and veg and less sugar and salt), cooking methods (grilling not frying), and how businesses promote healthy choices to their customers, particularly on children’s menus. The higher the score, the higher the level of award.


Steven North, Leader of East Northamptonshire Council, says: “We have some great restaurants and cafes in East Northamptonshire and we want to work with them to provide healthy options for customers who enjoy eating out with family and friends. We hope that more caterers become part of this initiative to ensure that in East Northamptonshire, there are always healthy choices on the menu.”


Principal Linda Brooks of the Manor Learning Trust adds: “We are very proud to receive the Eat Out Eat Well award as food and nutrition is our catering manager’s passion. We want students to not only recognise the food on their plate, but to develop an understanding of their health and nutrition, and the impact this has on their learning and education.


“It is extremely satisfying for us to be recognised for our commitment in promoting healthy eating to our students. Well done to our catering manager and the catering team for making this possible.”


To find out which businesses in East Northamptonshire already have the award, visit the Eat Out Eat Well page or look for the award sticker in catering establishments that are part of the scheme.