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Council continues to crack down on fly tipping

Published Monday, 14 March 2016

A Bedford man was fined £1100 this month for allowing his waste to be dumped in East Northamptonshire and ignoring his £300 penalty.

East Northamptonshire Council’s (ENC) waste services team was called to a fly tipping incident in Rushden, last April. Officers found a large pile of waste material, including black sacks, kitchen items and light fittings scattered on the ground in the car park at Ditchford Lakes.

Amongst this rubbish, they found evidence relating to Mr Shab Uddin, who admitted to paying an unlicensed carrier to take his waste away. Shab Uddin accepted a fixed penalty of £300 for failure to produce the correct documentation for the transportation of waste.

Unfortunately he failed to make any payments for this fixed penalty so the matter was referred to Northampton Magistrates’ Court. On 1 March he was found guilty and ordered to pay £1100 in fines and costs.

Steven North, Leader of ENC, explained: “Residents should take care when employing anyone to remove waste from their property. It is the resident’s responsibility to ensure that any waste material is disposed of correctly.

“Any reputable waste carrier will be able to provide you with their waste carriers licence information and leave you with some documentation which clearly states what type and how much waste there is, who you have transferred your waste to, details of their waste carriers registration and the address the material has been collected from.

“If your waste is found to be fly tipped and you cannot provide this information then you may be liable for a fine or prosecution.”

ENC’s Waste Manager, Charlotte Tompkins, added: “There are two ways to make sure your waste is going to be disposed of safely. Firstly, there are details of licensed waste carriers on the Government website. So don’t book a removal before checking there first.

“Secondly, we offer a service to collect bulky items from any doorstep in East Northamptonshire. For less than £26 we’ll take away up to seven items, such as furniture or carpet, and leave residents with peace of mind that their rubbish won’t come back to haunt them.”

To find out if a company is a licensed waste carrier visit the Government website.

For more information about ENC’s household bulky waste collection service, visit the bulky waste page or call 01832 742026.

If you see someone fly tipping, or know of a fly tip in East Northamptonshire, please report it online or by phone 01832 742026. If you can, please let ENC know:

  • The time and date of the incident
  • The location of the incident
  • A description of the person/s involved (e.g. sex, height, age, build)
  • A description of the vehicle used (registration number, make and model, colour)
  • A description of the waste being fly tipped (quantity and type of waste)

The more information you can give the better chance ENC has of prosecuting.