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Fly tipped waste will be traced

Published Thursday, 03 March 2016

A Corby man was fined £600 for allowing waste to be dumped in East Northamptonshire.

Last summer East Northamptonshire Council’s waste officers were called to attend incidents of fly tipping in the Wadenhoe area.

Over the space of a few days there had been a couple of incidents at the same location where offenders had been dumping waste from house and garden clearances in Corby.

The waste was traced back to residents who had used registered waste carrier, RJS Gardening Services, for the removal of their waste.

Unfortunately, the business owner of RJS Gardening Services, Ryan Scott, transferred the waste to a ‘man and a van’ who was not a registered waste carrier.

The non-registered waste carrier then dumped the plumbing waste, bathroom tiles, pipes, children’s toys and other general waste on Aldwincle Road, Wadenhoe, leaving the cost of clear up to the residents of East Northamptonshire.

On 2 February, Ryan Scott pleaded guilty at Northampton Magistrates Court for failure to issue and produce Waste Transfer Notes for the fly tipped material and was fined £600.

Charlotte Tompkins, Waste Manager at East Northamptonshire Council, said: “It’s very important that residents do not accidently find themselves facing enforcement action when they allow a business to take away waste from their properties. Always ask your service provider for a waste transfer note if they remove anything from your property following any work. This will ensure your waste is disposed of responsibly.”

You can check if a company is a licensed waste carrier by visiting the Government website.

If you see somebody fly tipping, or know of a fly tip in the district, please report it online or call 01832 742026. If you can, please detail:

  • The time and date of the incident
  • The location of the incident
  • A description of the person/s involved (e.g. sex, height, age, build)
  • A description of the vehicle used (registration number, make and model, colour)
  • A description of the waste being fly tipped (quantity and type of waste)

The more information you can give the better chance ENC has of prosecuting.