Council Tax frozen for 2015/16

Published Thursday, 26 February 2015

East Northamptonshire Council has frozen its share of the Council Tax bill in a bid to support residents who are struggling with their household finances.

Councillors agreed the move at this year’s budget meeting that East Northamptonshire Council’s portion of the Council Tax, for a Band D property, will remain at £123.65 per year. However, the amount residents pay in Council Tax overall could still increase, depending on decisions reached by Northamptonshire County Council, The Office of Northamptonshire Police and Crime Commissioner and the other precepting authorities, including the district’s towns and parishes.*

At the same time as announcing the freeze, council Leader, Steven North summarised the successes of the past year:

I’m delighted that very careful handling of our finances allowed me to recommend a zero increase in Council Tax for the forthcoming municipal year.  Despite a difficult financial climate, we’ve managed to balance the budget and make effective use of funding streams such as the New Homes Bonus to continue providing quality services.  We’ve used over £500,000 on community projects and supported the roll out of superfast broadband.

“Local government has faced significant cuts in funding this year but we have quietly got on with it, making the necessary changes and protecting the taxpayer where we can, including freezing our portion of Council Tax.”

East Northamptonshire Council currently has the lowest Council Tax of any council in Northamptonshire, and one of the lowest in the country.

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