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For the love of dogs!

Published Monday, 27 January 2014

Helping reunite strays and their owners

All dogs in East Northamptonshire and their well-behaved owners are invited to join a free dog club which offers special benefits for pooch and owner.

The Green Dog Club, run by East Northamptonshire Council, is free to join and members who promise to always clean up after their dog receive a supply of dog poo bags and a numbered dog tag which will identify their dog on the council’s database.  This helps reunite strays and their owners.  One dog was reunited with his owner while they were on holiday!

The council hopes that the club will encourage dog owners to register their pet, pick up their poop and be an ambassador for responsible dog ownership.

Dog warden, Lisa Blackler, says: “Joining the Green Dog Club means your dog is registered with East Northamptonshire Council so if the worst should happen, and your dog gets lost, it’s a lot easier and quicker for us to return him to you. This means minimal upset for you and your dog.

“Many dogs are microchipped but the details are out of date, so pets still end up in kennels.  The Green Dog Club database contains up to date contact details for local owners.”

To join up, visit our Green Dog Club or call 01832 742068 to update your details.

Please note - membership of The Green Dog Club does not:

  • give any powers to club members
  • encourage vigilantes
  • require any vetting of members