Bin tags explained

Published Thursday, 17 October 2013

Reminding residents of what should and shouldn't go in their bin.

""East Northamptonshire Council is introducing a new system of colour coded information tags to remind residents of what should and shouldn’t go in their recycling wheeled bin and food collection caddy.

Green tags are currently being attached to bins that recap what you can recycle and where it needs to go. 

Over the coming weeks, if the recycling crews notice that a green-lidded bin contains the wrong materials during or after emptying, they will attach a yellow tag to the bin. This explains that you have placed some items in your recycling bin that we can’t recycle and whilst we have emptied the bin today, we may not be able to do so next time.

If a green-lidded bin contains a lot of items which can’t be recycled, the crew won’t empty it but will attach a red tag to let the householder know why the bin hasn’t been emptied.

The recycling sorting facility can reject loads containing large amounts of unrecyclable items; this then has to be sent to landfill which costs extra money and wastes the good work of other residents who recycle correctly.

Cllr Glenn Harwood MBE, Chair of the Waste and Recycling Working Party, explains:

“We don’t leave recycling bins un-emptied without good reason and appreciate that over time people may need reminding about just what goes in which bin.  Some people can get ‘recycling-happy’, throwing everything into the green lidded bin, but placing items that are non-recyclable into the recycling bin, jeopardises the success of the whole service and costs a great deal of money.

Garden waste, food waste, textiles and disposable nappies are some examples of items which should not go in the green-lidded recycling bin.  Unfortunately, these items are often the cause of a load being rejected.

“Using the tag system, we can remind customers of what goes in which bin and increase our recycling rates which saves resources, prevents pollution and saves money.”

If you have any questions about which materials should go in your recycling bin, visit, email or call 01832 742026.