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Greenway hedge to be replaced by contractors

Published Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Some residents have recently received a leaflet through their door that references some maintenance work that has been carried out along the Greenway, near Shirley Road/ Prospect Avenue.

East Northamptonshire Council is aware that during some work by a private landowner to tidy up the boundary between the Greenway and a piece of land on the other side, a long stretch of hedge was removed. Cllr Sarah Peacock, Chairman of the Greenway Board has spoken with the landowner and replacement hedging will be planted that is native and in-keeping with the area. This work will be carried out by contractors and so please disregard the request made in the leaflet for members of the public to volunteer to re-plant the area. This is not required and is not something that ENC would ask of residents, particularly at this time due to the need to social distance and avoid meeting with others.

Thank you for your continued support of the Greenway.