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Greenlight for extension to renewable energy park

Published Friday, 31 January 2020

East Northamptonshire Council’s Planning Management Committee approves plans for forward-thinking extension to Chelveston Renewable Energy Park.

The Council has approved the planning application for the proposed gas peaking plant which will sit adjacent to the existing energy park, further increasing the overall efficiency. The purpose of the plant is to generate electricity at times when the wind farm and solar arrays on the site are unable to produce sufficient power to meet peak power requirements - such as during times of low wind or at night, often in winter conditions. Elected members resolved that the application is subject to certain conditions being met by the developer.

The proposal will ensure grid stability and assist in local supply and demand, matching local demand as it arises.

The development is an integral and supportive part of a larger energy park which is designed to deliver renewable energy.  The plant will use natural gas which has a significant role as part of the transition to a low carbon economy and supports the national drive towards increased energy sustainability. The Chelveston Renewable Energy park overall will produce sufficient power for 60,450 households, offsetting some 78.75 tonnes a year of CO2 emissions from other power stations. 

Leader of East Northamptonshire Council, Cllr Steven North, said:
“Chelveston Energy Park is a huge benefit to our district and overall seeks to provide renewable energy supporting a local carbon economy. The addition of a gas peaking plant will further complement the existing development and deliver forward-thinking energy sources.”

Once it is open the scheme will provide back up power, but will not replace present renewable energy supply that will remain the National Grid’s preferred source of power.  

Engineering Manager at Wykes Engineering, Robert Taylor, added: “We are pleased with the granting of planning permission from East Northants Council.  We are committed to ensuring Chelveston Renewable Energy Park contributes to the wider decarbonisation of the National Grid by providing a wide range of energy production on this site. This application supports the renewable energy production on the site and contributes to the growing need for energy security at both a local and national level.”