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Have your say on where you cast your vote

Published Thursday, 20 June 2019

The public is invited to comment on existing polling stations and locations, ahead of a review by East Northamptonshire Council.

Every four years, the Council must by law complete a review of all current stations, districts and places to ensure that the existing arrangements are suitable. ENC is required by law to divide the area into polling stations for the purpose of Parliamentary elections and to designate polling places for each of those districts.

Steven North, Leader of East Northamptonshire Council said: “With the district ever changing, it is important that we look at where our polling stations are located, every four years, to meet the needs of residents, ensuring that all are locations are still accessible and suitable for all.”

Anyone wishing to submit comments or observations before any new arrangements are agreed by the Council can contact or 01832 742113.

Alternatively you can write to the Democratic Services Manager, East Northamptonshire Council, Cedar Drive, Thrapston, NN14 4LZ.

For further information about the polling district review, please visit: