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Register Guidance HMO's

Details of which premises are registered as HMO's may be found by searching our Licensing Public Register . Please use one of the following search options:

By premises:

  • >select ‘Simple’
  • >select ‘Applications (in progress)’ or ‘Licences (granted/issued)’
  • >enter the first line of the address or part of the first line of the address in the search bar
  • >select search

By Area:

  • >select advanced
  • >select ‘Licences (granted/issued)’
  • >to refine your search by area enter one of the following into the 'Alternative Reference' field:
    •   BCW for our Wellingborough area
    •   CBC for our Corby area
    •   ENC for our East Northamptonshire area
    •   KBC for our Kettering area
  • >go to licence details and in the category option select ‘Houses in Multiple Occupation'
  • >select search