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Duddington with Fineshade Parish Council

In 2018 East Northamptonshire Council undertook a review of community governance arrangements for the Parish of Duddington with Fineshade. This followed receipt of a valid petition from a number of registered electors in the Fineshade area of the District requesting the separation of part of Fineshade and formation of a new Parish Meeting. The review began on Tuesday 6 March 2018 and ran until October 2018.
In the first stage of the review, comments and proposals were invited from any individuals or organisations which have a view on whether they think any of the current parish boundaries or parish council arrangements in Duddington with Fineshade should be changed. 
As part of the second stage of the review, officers considered comments received following the closing date of Monday 30 April 2018 and prepared draft proposals for consideration by Council. At the full council meeting of 23 July 2018, the following draft recommendations were approved for a second stage of consultation:-
That this Council considers that no changes should be made to the parish arrangements for Duddington with Fineshade and that this proposal is consulted upon during Stage Three of the Community Governance Review.
The Council also approved a revised timetable for the review meaning that there is now an eight week period of public consultation running from Monday 30 July to Sunday 23 September 2018. 

Outcome of the Review

Prior to final consideration by Council, the petitioners withdrew the petition and Council therefore decided that no changes be made to the governance arrangements for Duddington with Fineshade at this time.
The Terms of Reference sets out in more detail how we will carry out the review and the kind of things we will take into account when making any recommendations.
Guidance on Community Governance Reviews -