Tattoo Hygiene Rating Scheme (THRS) – Think before you ink!

If you are a registered Tattooist with East Northamptonshire Council you can now be part of a voluntary rating scheme that aims to promote good practice and hygiene within tattoo studios.

If you take part in the scheme it will be of benefit to you as it will allow for increased publicity and promotion of your business.  This will be done through uploading ratings with studio names and information on our website.  Ratings and information will also be uploaded to the THRS twitter feed both of these the public can view nationally.

If you choose to take part in this scheme you will get an advisory visit from an officer where you will be offered guidance and support and they will inform you of any recommendations required to achieve the highest score of 4.  We will work with you to help you to achieve the best score possible whilst promoting your business through social media.

We appreciate the difficulties of running a business and that you may be busy with customers therefore all visits will be made at a time convenient for you.

Many Local Authorities have adopted this scheme in the UK, it is predicted it will become more and more recognised over time.  It would be of a great benefit for you to get involved at the early stages.  For those tattooists that who are really keen on joining it is hoped that you can set an example to artists throughout the district as well as the UK.

As well as the promotional aspect that could lead to more customers another aim is to improve the hygiene standards of tattoo studios and to have consistently high standards and practices throughout East Northamptonshire.

The inspection:

The criteria we cover when inspecting the premises for the scheme are:

  • Cleanliness- premises, fittings and equipment
  • Record keeping
  • Hygiene of operators
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Membership of a trade or professional body

Once you have been assessed you will receive a certificate and a window sticker that will show the rating (between 1 and 4) that was awarded at the time of the assessment.  You will be required to display the sticker in your window for the public to view.  A good score will give your customers the confidence to choose a tattoo in a studio that is part of a national scheme.