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Policy and Procedures for Street Naming and Numbering

Street Naming - Erection of street nameplates

  • To be fixed as near as possible to street corners, so as to be easily readable by drivers as well as pedestrians.  The nameplate should normally be within 3m of the intersection of the kerb lines, but where this is not practicable the distance may be varied up to a maximum of 6m.
  • To be mounted so that the lower edge of the plate is approximately 1m above the ground at sites where they are unlikely to be obscured by pedestrians or vehicles and at approximately 2.5m where obscuration is a problem. They should never be lowers than 600mm or higher than 3.6m.
  • Normally be fixed at each street corner.  At minor crossroads, particularly in residential areas, one plate on each side of the street positioned on the offside of traffic emerging from the road may be sufficient, except where the road name changes.
  • At T-junctions a main street nameplate should be placed directly opposite the traffic approaching from the side road.
  • Where the street name changes at a point other than a cross-road, both names should be displayed at the point of change and may include arrows to indicate clearly to which parts of the street the name refers.
  • On straight lengths of road without intersections, nameplates should be repeated at reasonable intervals with priority given to such places as opposite entrances to well frequented sites such as car parks.
  • Where two streets branch off obliquely from a common junction with a third street, plates on fingerpost mountings can be useful, providing they do not obscure any traffic sign.
  • Street nameplates will be independently set.
  • The nameplates should be so fixed that there is a clear space of at least 300mm in every direction between them and any notices, advertisements or other printed or written matter, where possible greater clearance should be provided.  Care should be taken to keep the view of nameplates free from obstruction by trees or other growth.
  • Where possible, nameplates should be fixed so that they will be illuminated by light from street lamps, especially at important junctions, provided they remain visible to vehicles on the main carriageway.