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Policy and Procedures for Street Naming and Numbering

Street Naming - Specification for street nameplates

Posts and Backboards

The posts to carry the street nameplates shall be 80mm x 80mm x 1.5m long in recycled plastic. The bottom of the posts shall be drilled for and supplied with 225 mm long x 25mm diameter peg to provide an anchorage within the concrete with which they will be surrounded.

Backboards for the street nameplates will be 30mm recycled plastic x 150mm.


Nameplates shall be constructed in polycarbonate, drilled ready for fixing, and be of an appropriate depth; letters to be 100mm high.


The street nameplates shall be firmly fixed to the backboard with zinc plated rustless round head screws.  The backboard shall be bolted to the posts by 2 no. 9.5mm bolts in each post.  The bolt holes shall be countersunk so that the nut does not protrude.  The top of the backboard shall be set 600mm (to give a height to the top of the backboard of 900mm above finished footpath level) in the ground with the post-holes being a minimum of 225mm square.  The holes shall then be filled to within 60mm of the finished level with Class 21/20 concrete which shall be well rammed as filling proceeds.  After the concrete has hardened the remainder of the hole shall be filled with footway surfacing materials.

NB: Flat plates with applied lettering will not be acceptable.