Policy and Procedures for Street Naming and Numbering

Street Naming - A step by step guide

Developers should give early consideration as to what name(s) they would like to propose for their development. This is particularly relevant on large developments where sales promotion literature may often include names which may not have been approved and/or may be unacceptable.

The Council prefers where possible that names are chosen to reflect a relevance (often historical) to the local area or development site.

Applications for street naming should be submitted in writing to the Property Systems Officer at East Northamptonshire Council.  This can be done via our online form.  Or by e-mailing servicedesk@east-northamptonshire.gov.uk

All applications should include:

  • A copy of a site plan (preferably A4 or A3 sized) to a suitable scale indicating the streets to which a designated name will apply
  • A schedule containing the proposed street name(s) in order of preference, indicating their significance or relevance to the development.  Where possible, alternative/reserve names should be provided.


  • The developer may suggest a theme and allow the Council to provide the detailed names as part of the formal consultation process
  • The developer may ask for the names to be chosen by the Local Town or Parish Council and the Local Elected Members as part of the formal consultation process.