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Policy and Procedures for Street Naming and Numbering

Street Numbering - Changing a property name

If your property has a name and not a postal number and you wish to change the name of the property, you have to obtain approval from the council. 

This is to ensure that the chosen name is not offensive, misleading or likely to cause confusion (should another property exist with the same name in the vicinity as this can have implications on the Emergency Services or delivery services in locating the property).  

A property owner wishing to change their property name must put their request in writing in writing to the Property Systems Officer at East Northamptonshire Council. This can be done via our online form.

You must include your name, the present full address of the property and their new preferred house name.  

If your preferred name is not acceptable then we will get back to you for an alternative.  

If it is acceptable, then you will be notified by e-mail once the change has been approved.

Details are also sent to Street Numbering Consultees:

  • Royal Mail
  • Utility Companies (i.e. Anglian Water)
  • Emergency Services
  • Land Registry
  • Ordnance Survey
  • Town or Parish Council
  • Valuation Office