European Election Emergency Proxy Vote

Applications to vote by emergency proxy due to physical incapacity or work/service reasons must reach us by 5pm 23 May. For eligibility contact or 01832 742155.

Performance and Risk Management

Reports on both Performance Management and Risk Management are presented to council subcommittees on a quarterly basis.  These reports are publicly available as items within agenda papers for the relevant committees:


Performance Management

The council's performance is reported quarterly to committee

Until the end of the financial year 2017-18, it was reported to the Scrutiny Sub-committee.

From the beginning of the financial year 2018-19, Performance is reported to the  Finance & Performance Sub-committee


Risk Management

The Governance and Audit Committee receive quarterly risk management reports.

Read the Council's Risk Management Strategy here.


Corporate Plan 2016-2019

The Corporate Plan sets out the council's vision and key priorities which will be focused on over the next four years.