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Licensing Act 2003 - Premises Licence applications

Premises Licences

Online advice, guidance and application for a new premises licence or for making changes to an existing premises licence is available via the GOV.UK website.

Postal application and information is available via the application forms below ( please click on theappropriate links to download the required documents):

Note: if a licence is being transferred to a new individual,partnership or company a Consent of Existing Licensee to Transfer form will also need to be submitted by the existing licence holder. If transfer of ownership will also mean a change to the person deemed responsible for the sale of alcohol under a licence (Designated Premises Supervisor - DPS) then a Vary DPS application will also need to be submitted along with a
Consent of an Individual to being specified as a Premises Supervisor form, which must be signed by the individual who is to be named as the DPS.