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Register Guidance Animal Activity Licences

Animal Activity Licences


You can view the details of  Licences issued by us on our Licensing Public Register by entering one of the following search options:

By licence:

  • select Simple
  • select licences
  • go to licence details and enter part of the trading name
  • select search

By Area:

  • select advanced
  • select licences
  • to refine your search by local area enter one of the following into the 'Alternative Reference' field:
    • BCW for our Wellingborough area
    • CBC for our Corby area
    • ENC for our East Northamptonshire area
    • KBC for our Kettering area
  • go to licence details and select 'Animal Welfare' in the category option
  • select search
  • to refine an area search by activity note the letters at the end of the Ref.no. generated for the activity type you are interested in. Repeat the search above but to include the letters noted in the 'Application Reference' field.