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Service Specific Privacy Notices

Comms - Press Contacts Privacy Notice

East Northamptonshire Council is committed to protecting your privacy when you use our services. This Privacy Notice explains how we use information about you and how we protect your privacy.

This Privacy notice relates to press contacts held by the Communications team.

Your personal information – what we need and why

East Northamptonshire Council collects and holds personal information from you. We need to hold this information to deliver services and provide you with updates on council news. We will only collect personal data that we need and the information you provide will be held securely in East Northamptonshire Council’s systems.

Who does the council share your data with?

The personal data we collect about you will be held securely in a dedicated secure system only accessible by the Communications team at East Northamptonshire Council.  We will always keep your personal information safe and no other third parties have access to your information unless the law expressly allows them to.

How long does the council keep your data?

The council will keep your personal information (name, address, contact details) until 31 March 2021 after which time it will be securely destroyed.

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Your Data Rights and Our Privacy Policy

For further information on all the council’s privacy standards, use of data and your rights as a data subject, please see our Privacy Policy. If you wish to make a complaint about the use of your personal data or you would like further information about data protection at East Northamptonshire Council, please contact our Data Protection Officer.