Privacy Statement

Who do we share your information with, why and how?

Information will be shared among officers, councillors and other partner agencies where the law allows or requires it, to help improve the service you receive and to develop other services.

We may also be legally required to share your personal data with law enforcement bodies such as the Police, government authorities and other organisations, for the prevention and detection of crime or fraud.

If you do not wish certain information about you to be exchanged within the Council, you can request that this does not happen, although this may affect our ability to provide some services.

We do not share your personal information with any third parties other than those who deliver services on our behalf or where the law requires us to. 

We will only share the minimum necessary information and will always consider your rights before we decide to share your information.

We will always ensure we keep your information safe and secure while it is in our care, and while in transit to our service providing partners or other agencies we are required to share it with. 

We carry out checks to ensure our partners and service providers apply the same level of care and security to the data we pass to them.  We are explicit with our partners/service providers that they may only use your data to provide the services you requested.  However, we may provide your personal information to partners/other organisations where it is necessary, either to comply with the law, or where data protection law permits us to (for example to prevent or detect crime or to protect you).

We will not disclose any information you provide to us "in confidence" without your permission unless we are required to by law or if we have good reason to believe that not sharing the information would put you or someone else at risk.

If we need to share your sensitive personal information including medical details or other confidential information we will only do this with your express consent or where we are legally required to do so.  We may disclose information to prevent harm to an individual.

We will never share your information with third parties for marketing or sales purposes or for any commercial use without your express consent.

We do not buy or sell any personal data, unless the law requires us to.

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