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Be prepared for a flood and know who to contact in a flooding emergency.

Who to contact about flooding

If the flooding is an emergency with potential risk to life, please call the emergency services immediately on 999

For flooding affecting a highway, please report it to Northamptonshire Highways on 0300 126 1000

If the flood is from a main river, please call the 24hr Floodline at 0345 988 1188

If the flooding is from a sewer, please call the Anglian Water emergency line 0845 7 145145

For non-emergency flooding, please report via Northamptonshire County Council's Report a Flood form (external)

What should you do if your property is threatened with flooding?

  • Move people, pets and valuables to a safe place
  • Alert neighbours and assist the elderly and vulnerable
  • Pack warm spare clothing, torches, a battery-powered radio, spare batteries, food, warm drinks and a first aid kit
  • Block doorways and low level airbricks with sandbags or plastic bags filled with earth
  • Switch off gas and electricity supplies 
  • Move your car to high ground if possible
  • Request a delivery of emergency sandbags

During a flood

  • If you need emergency evacuation, call the Police on 999
  • If your property needs pumping out, call the Fire and Rescue Service on 01604 797000 (in some areas they may charge for this service)
  • If sewage is coming up through drains or toilets, or will not flush away, call the 24 hour emergency line for Anglian Water on 0845 7 145145
  • If you touch floodwater or goods that have been contaminated by floodwater, make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly 

If your home has been flooded

  • Have gas and electricity supplies and appliances checked by experts before switching them back on
  • Run taps for a few minutes before use
  • Do NOT drink contaminated water - if you think your water supply may have been contaminated then drink bottled water or water that has been boiled and cooled
  • Avoid contact with floodwater - do NOT eat food that has been contaminated by floodwater or food that has defrosted due to power failure
  • Ventilate your property (less damp means less damage)
  • Contact your insurer
  • Inform your landlord (when applicable)
  • Contact our Waste Management helpline to arrange disposal of spoiled goods (including food and furniture) on 01832 732026 during office hours. Ask your insurer for advice before any items are removed.
  • If you develop sickness/diarrhoea that may be associated with eating/drinking contaminated items then contact your doctor
  • Flood Re is a joint Government and insurance industry initiative to help you find affordbale insurance if you are at risk of flooding

Pumping out

For pumping equipment, please call the Fire Brigade on 01604 797000. There may be a charge for this service.

Flooded business premises

If flood water has entered your business premises then call our Environmental Health team on 01832 742056 (normal office hours) or 01832 733530 (out-of-hours).  

You must call us if there is believed to be:

  • a risk to public health or
  • a food premises serving food has been flooded or
  • a property/premises where ENC Environmental Health is the enforcing authority has been flooded.