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Supporting the community and voluntary sector (Historic)

Community and voluntary sector services funded by East Northamptonshire Council

Community Support Grant awards 2017-21

Debt management theme

Awarded to Community Law Service.

Community Law Service aims to reduce debt across East Northamptonshire; maximise income of the district's most financially deprived communities; increase access to financial and legal advice and increase benefit take up across the district.

Debt Management grant agreement

Year 1 (2017/18) performance matrix

Year 2 (2018/19) performance matrix

Year 3 (2019/20) performance matrix

Year 4 (2020/21) performance matrix

Counselling and support theme

Awarded to Service Six.

Service Six aims to increase access to counselling and support for families and individuals as well as increase take up of a range of specialist advice and counselling services for all those who may be experiencing issues/difficulties with regard to mental health issues, family breakdown and relationships, and victims/witnesses of crime across the district.

Counselling and Support grant agreement

Year 1 (2017/218) performance matrix

Year 2 (2018/19) performance matrix

Year 3 (2019/20) performance matrix

Year 4 (2020/21) performance matrix

Community transport theme

Awarded as a consortium led by Serve in partnership with Volunteer Action Oundle.

The consortium aims to improve access to medical services across the district; increase value for money; improve access to other basic services and reduce isolation for residents in communities that have limited access to services.

Community Transport grant agreement

Year 1 (2017/18) performance matrix

Year 2 (2018/19) performance matrix

Year 3 (2019/20) performance matrix

Year 4 (2020/21) performance matrix

Performance matrices for the previous round of 3 year grants known as the Voluntary Sector Grants can be found here.

For all community and voluntary organisations seeking advice and support please visit Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire who can help assist your organisation.