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Member Empowerment Fund (Historic)

Member Empowerment Fund

Please note the Community Facilities Fund is now closed

Since 2011 each elected district councillor in East Northamptonshire has been given an annual budget of £1,000 enabling them to provide small grants to community groups and projects in their ward.

What can the fund be used for?

Projects such as community events, carnivals, sporting activities, environmental improvements, community facility improvements, equipment for the local community, activities for young people and schemes that promote community safety may all be eligible. The full criteria can be found with the application form.

Applications must be endorsed/supported by your ward councillor so please speak with them before you complete an application to make sure they still have money left to allocate.

Where has the fund been allocated so far?

The MEF grant awards shows a complete list of the projects supported by the grant scheme from 2011-15, 2015-19 and 2019-20.

Projects funded for 2020-21 can be found in this table.