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UK Parliamentary General Election 2019

A parliamentary election has been called to be held on Thursday 12 December 2019. All notices and relevant information will be displayed here when they are  published for the two parliamentary constituencies of Corby and Wellingborough, which cover electors in the District of East Northamptonshire.

Registering to vote

PLEASE NOTE:- You do not need to re-register for this election if you have already registered to vote.

Registering to vote only takes five minutes and is easiest to do online. You can register by visiting and completing your application there.

You will need to provide your date of birth and National Insurance number in order to complete your registration online.

Applications to register in time for this election must be submitted by midnight on Tuesday 26 November 2019.

Voting in person

Polling stations will be open between 7am and 10pm on polling day. Poll cards will be dispatched from our printers from around mid-November, which will tell you where you should vote. Please ensure that you check your poll card carefully, as due to the limited timeframe for this election there may be some differences from where you normally vote. 

Voting by post

If you have not already applied for a postal vote, then you can request to vote by post by completing a form on our website.

Postal vote forms must reach us by no later than 5pm on Tuesday 26 November 2019. If you wish to make any changes to your existing postal vote then we must receive written confirmation of this by no later than 5pm on Tuesday 26 November. 

If you have not received your postal vote, or if you have lost or spoilt it, then we can issue you with a replacement. We are not able to issue replacements until Friday 6 December as this date is defined in law. We are also only able to issue replacements until 5pm on polling day.  

Postal votes must be returned to us by 10pm on polling day. If you have a postal vote then you cannot vote at a polling station, but you can hand in your completed postal vote pack at any polling station within your constituency.

Voting by post from overseas

If you are registered as an overseas elector and you wish to vote by post, you can apply for a postal vote in the same way as above. However, due to the timeframes involved with dispatching postal votes, if you have not applied for a postal vote by 10am on Wednesday 6 November then it is very unlikely that we will be able to issue your postal vote and send it to you in time for you to receive it and return it by the deadline. 

If you are registered as an overseas elector and have not registered for a postal vote by Wednesday 6 November, or have not registered as an overseas elector before this date, then we would urge you to arrange a proxy vote instead of a postal vote. Details on proxy voting can be found below.

When will I get my postal vote?

The potential dates as to when Postal Votes will be sent to Electors is

from 21st November (for Overseas) 

from Monday 25th November (for all other electors)

from Monday 3rd December (for late postal vote requests)

If this is too late for you or you think you are going to be away in December please consider requesting a Proxy Vote to ensure that you can vote.

Voting by proxy

If you aren't able to cast your vote in person, you can appoint someone you trust to cast your vote for you. They must go to your polling station to cast your vote.

In order to arrange a proxy vote you will need to complete a form, sign it and return it to the elections office at East Northamptonshire Council. The form can be downloaded here.

Proxy voting

You can appoint someone to vote on your behalf at your usual polling station but you must be registered to vote and you must provide a reason for why someone else is placing your vote for you. You can only vote by proxy on an indefinite basis for the following reasons:

  • physical incapacity
  • overseas voter
  • studying at university
  • certain occupations such as armed forces
  • You must tell your proxy which candidate(s) you wish to vote for.

You must tell your proxy which candidate(s) you wish to vote for. If you change your mind and wish to vote in person you can still do so, providing that your proxy has not already voted on your behalf.

Emergency Proxies

If after 5pm on Wednesday 4 December you find that you are unable to get to the polling station because you are called away by work or suffer from a medical emergency then you may still be able to appoint a proxy. If this happens to you then please contact the elections team.

If you have any questions about the application process, or have received a follow up letter asking for more information, then please contact the office on or by calling 01832 742119

Download an Emergency Proxy Form