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Rural North Oundle & Thrapston Plan - Final Examination Hearing Sessions & Post Hearing Information

RNOTP Examination - Examination Hearing Sessions 29 April - 1 May 2009

The Inspector reviewed all of the representations received during the recent (13 February - 27 March) consultation. He considered the issues raised and used these to prepare a timetable for the Examination Hearing Sessions. These were held over 3 days, from Wednesday, 29 April to Friday, 1 May. The following topics were discussed at the Hearing Sessions:

Affordable housing viability and mix
Housing land supply
Oundle site allocations
Village settlement boundaries

A summary of the issues raised and discussed at the Hearing Sessions is set out in the 6 May Briefing Note to Councillors. The Hearing Sessions were preceded by an opening statement by the Council's legal advisor, Rob Jameson, and concluded with his closing statement:

Examination Hearing Sessions Opening Statement, 29 April 2009
Examination Hearing Sessions Closing Statement, 1 May 2009

Affordable housing viability and mix

The Hearing Session considered further technical work carried out for ENC by consultants EDAW to provide an affordable housing viability testing model. The Inspector's Agendas were used to direct the discussion:

Day 1 - Affordable Housing
Day 1 - Affordable Housing - Supplementary

Prior to the Hearing Session, the Planning Inspector has appointed, an independent assessor, in order to analyse the Council's submitted EDAW Affordable Housing Viability Model. The independent assessor reviewed the EDAW work; his response is set out below:

Inspectors brief to the assessor

EDAW Affordable Housing Viability Model undertaken by EDAW on behalf of East Northamptonshire Council - Review by Anthony Lee for the Planning Inspectorate

In response to the issues raised in the Anthony Lee review, EDAW undertook further analysis to address these. Further assessment was carried out by EDAW, prior to and following on from, the Hearing Session on 29 April:

EDAW Response to Anthony Lee, 28 April 2009
Variance Analysis, 30 April 2009
Revised summary data, 30 April 2009
Ashton Road, Oundle - Estimate 1
Ashton Road, Oundle - Estimate 2
Ashton Road, Oundle - Estimate 3
Ashton Road, Oundle - Cashflow
Thrapston South - Estimate 1
Thrapston South - Estimate 2
Thrapston South - Estimate 3
Thrapston South - Estimate 4

In response to the Supplementary Agenda, the Council prepared an additional clarification/ response to the Inspector, in respect of Policy 11 (Housing Mix):

Policy 11 Housing Mix - Additional Information

Housing Land Supply, Oundle policies and site allocations

The Inspector's principal areas of concern throughout the Examination process have related to housing land supply, particularly in respect of the quantity of land allocated at Oundle. These issues were extensively discussed at the 2nd day of the reconvened Hearing Sessions (30 April).

Day 2 - Housing Land Supply, Oundle policies and site allocations
Day 2 - East Road, Oundle

The Inspector requested that the Council prepare revised/ updated housing trajectories, to illustrate how the proposed additional Oundle site allocations would affect the overall housing land supply over the Plan period (to 2021):

Assessment of progress in bringing major housing sites forward (PPS3, para 54)
Proposed site allocations - estimated delivery within 5 years

Following the Hearing Session, in response to the issues raised, officers prepared revised housing trajectories for the RNOTP area and District as a whole:

Site by site delivery schedule, 7 May 2009
Plan area trajectories, 7 May 2009
Revised District trajectory, 7 May 2009

Prior to the Hearing Session, a number of submissions were received, in respect of the proposed additional Oundle site allocations; at Dairy Farm, Stoke Hill and the Oundle School playing field site at Glapthorn Road/ Hillfield Road.

Northamptonshire County Council submission, 28 April

John Martin Associates submission, 21 April 2009

John Martin Associates submission re Glapthorn Road playing field, 24 April 2009

Roger Tym submission re Dairy Farm, 26 April 2009

Roger Tym - revised EA flood zones, Dairy Farm

Village Settlement Boundaries

On the 3rd day of hearings (1 May), the issue of village settlement boundaries was discussed. Since submission of the RNOTP in January 2008, a large number of representations have been received in respect of individual sites on the edge of particular settlements.

The general issue of settlement boundaries was considered at the earlier (October 2008) hearing sessions. The Inspector since concluded that it is appropriate for him to assess representations on a site by site basis, considering these in respect of the Proposals Map.

The Council reviewed representation received. In respect of the Schedule of Proposed Changes to the Rural North, Oundle and Thrapston Plan and Proposals Map (Part 3 - Proposals Map, factual corrections have been identified at three sites; at Hemington, Woodford and Yarwell:

Land adjacent to Walter's Coppice, Main Street, Hemington (PM064)

Land adjacent to 11 The Leys, Woodford (PM122)

Land north of Manor House Cottage/ east of Locks Green, Yarwell (PM127)

Day 3 - Site-specific settlement boundary issues

Following this the Inspector complied his report which found the RNOTP to be 'sound'. The Inspector's Report and further information can be viewed by clicking here.

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