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Rural North Oundle & Thrapston Plan - Initial Examination

RNOTP Examination - Initial Examination Hearings - RNOTP Examination Statements

Further representations in response to ENC documents submitted during hearings (October 2008)

During the Examination Hearing sessions, the Inspector invited participants to respond to submissions from the Council.

These can be viewed here.

In response to the Inspector's List of Matters and Key Questions for Examination, the Council submitted statements on 26 August 2008, responding to each of the identified matters:

Response to Inspector's List of Matters and Key Questions

Statements were also received from many other participants, as directed by the Inspector. All other statements relating to the Inspector's List of Matters and Key Questions are now available for viewing electronically and through the Examination Programme Officers.

Statements of other participants:

Matter A: Scope and timescale of the Plan
Matter B: Housing provision
Matter C: Phasing and infrastructure
Matter D: Settlement roles and relationships
Matter E: Affordable Housing
Matter F: Economic development - employment, tourism, town centres and regeneration
Matter I: Natural and built environment
Matter J: Mechanisms for implementation and monitoring
Matter K: Evidence base and Sustainability Appraisal
Site Specific Matter1: Oundle
Site Specific Matter1: Thrapston
Site Specific Matter1: Rural
Site Specific Matter2: Settlement boundaries

Due to the continuous process of examination, a number of updates and additional statements have been sent to the Inspector by various participants. In most cases, these have been prepared at the request of the Inspector, in order to provide clarification on matters raised in earlier statements and documents.

Examination documents received, August - October 2008

ENC documents submitted during hearings (October 2008)

North Northamptonshire Joint Planning Unit documents

Documents submitted by other participants during Hearings