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Rural North Oundle & Thrapston Plan - Initial Examination

RNOTP Examination - Initial Examination Hearings

Initial Examination Hearings

The initial round of Examination Hearing sessions ran from 7-17 October 2008. During these sessions, a large number of papers were submitted to the Inspector by all of the participants. These documents are all available to view:

Final List of Matters and Key Questions for Examination

RNOTP Examination Statements

The Inspector prepared a Programme and Timetable for the hearings and also a more detailed agenda/list of questions to be explored at each session, together with guidance on any further preparation work which will be needed before the session.

Examination Hearings - Programme and Timetable

Matter A Agenda Matter A Note
Matter B Agenda Matter B Note
Matter C Agenda Matter D Agenda
Matter E Agenda

Matter F Agenda

Matter I Agenda Matter 1 Oundle Agenda
Matter 1 Thrapston Agenda Matter 1 Rural Agenda
Matter 2 Agenda Matter X: Proposals Map Note

RNOTP Examination: Hearing Sessions Closing Statement (17 October 2008)

The Inspector made clear, at some of the Hearing sessions, that he had a number of important concerns about the soundness of the Rural North, Oundle and Thrapston Plan, as submitted. In view of this, he wrote back to the Council on 31 October 2008, setting out the further work which will be needed in order for the RNOTP to be "passed" as a sound development plan document:

Inspector's letter to East Northamptonshire Council, 31 October 2008
Inspector's note - further tasks needed, 31 October 2008

After receipt of the Inspector's letter and accompanying note, the Planning Policy Committee, together with a smaller working group of Members and Officers, had been regularly updated about the progress of this additional work being undertaken for the ongoing Examination.

On 27 November 2008, the Planning Policy Committee agreed the completion of the additional work. At the following meetings, held on 27 January and 9 February 2009, the Planning Policy Committee discussed and approved the "Schedule of Proposed Changes to the Rural North, Oundle and Thrapston Plan and Proposals Map (13 February 2009)" for consultation.

Planning Policy Committee Minutes, 27 November 2008

Planning Policy Committee Minutes, 22 January 2009

Planning Policy Committee Minutes, 9 February 2009

After this stage of the Examination, work progressed following the Inspector's Note on the document known as the Schedule of Proposed Changes. Details of which can be viewed here.