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1996 District local plan

Local Plan Part 2 - 1996 District Local Plan

The East Northamptonshire Local Plan, adopted in 1996, has now mostly been replaced. However, a small number of its policies still remain in force, as detailed below:

  • Policy AG4   -   Re-use and Adaptation of Buildings in the Countryside
  • Policy AG9   -   Replacement Dwellings in the Countryside
  • Policy RL3   -   Recreational Open Space Provision by Developers
  • Policy RL4   -   Children’s Play Areas
  • Policy S5     -   Non Shopping Uses within the Defined Shopping Frontages
  • IR1-A           -   Provision for Housing in Irthlingborough

The policies are not extant in every parish due to the adoption of more recent policy guidance. You can check, on a parish by parish basis, all relevant extant policies by using the following link.

The 1996 District Local Plan, which includes these saved policies, is available to view in its entirety online. It has been broken down into manageable sections, please click on the links below to access the area you may be interested in.