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Supplementary Planning Documents

Domestic Waste Storage and Collection SPD

The Domestic Waste Storage and Collection Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) (also known as the "Domestic Waste SPD") was adopted by East Northamptonshire Council’s Planning Policy Committee on 23 July 2012.

This sets out guiding design principles for the provision of domestic waste storage facilities within new residential development schemes. It provides a series of design principles for waste storage areas, highways and access arrangements for new housing developments. It also considers alternative solutions, such as community waste projects and vacuum collection systems.

Adopted Domestic Waste SPD

The adopted SPD was written on the basis of the fleet of waste lorries that were operated by the waste contractor from 2011-2018.  In 2018 a new waste contractor was appointed, using a different fleet of vehicles to the previous operator.  Accordingly, the illustration on p29 of the Domestic Waste SPD has been superseded by a new specification for the current operator:

2018 refuse vehicle specification (replacing illustration on p29 of the SPD)

Adoption Statement

Public participation statement under Regulation 12(a), including Post-Consultation amendments

The Domestic Waste SPD links to a range of policies within the adopted Local Plan for the District. The key relevant documents are: