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Supplementary Planning Documents


The 2004 Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act made provision for the preparation of Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) to provide greater detail on specific policies within individual Development Plan Documents (DPDs)/ the Local Plan. The process for preparing statutory SPDs is set out in Part 4 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 (Statutory Instrument 2012 No. 767), as amended.

We have just consulted on a draft Householder Extensions SPD

What is the Draft Householder Extensions - Supplementary Planning Document?

The Householder Extensions Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) sets out guiding design principles of design in relation to existing dwellings. This document is to replace the Council’s existing Residential Extensions and Alterations Design Guide which dates from 1998. When adopted, this SPD will form part of the statutory Local Development Framework for East Northamptonshire.

Since the document was adopted, various new national and local planning documents have come into force and others have been superseded. The most recent new documents include:

  • National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) February 2019,
  • North Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy (2016),
  • Various Neighbourhood Plans for individual towns or villages

The current Design Guide is considered to be in need of updating to take account of these more recent documents.

What will the document seek to deliver?

The SPD contains 6 sections covering the following:

  • Design in relation to the existing dwelling;
  • How an extension fits in with the character of its surroundings;
  • Impact on the amenity of adjacent properties;
  • Implications for off road parking provision at the property;
  • Whether sufficient outside amenity space will remain within the curtilage of the property when the works are in place; and
  • If there are any important trees which are affected by the works.

Overall, the draft document is considered to take account of the relevant new documents that have come into force since the last one was adopted and it also gives guidance on extra topics which are common considerations in relation to planning applications.                    

The current draft of this document Householder Extensions Supplementary Planning Document was subject to a period of Public Consultation which ran until 23 March 2020. The timescale to make views on it has therefore now expired.

What happens next?

The Council is currently assessing all the views that were made and updating the document to take them into account. The aim is that the updated version will be taken to the next available Planning Policy Committee with a view to it becoming an adopted Supplementary Planning Document  for use in the determination of Planning Applications and in giving general planning advice.

Adopted SPDs

Upper Nene Valley Gravel Pits Special Protection Area SPD (Including Mitigation Strategy) - (Adopted November 2016)

Pilton, Stoke Doyle and Wadenhoe Village Design Statement SPD - (Adopted February 2016)

Biodiversity SPD for Northamptonshire - (Adopted February 2016)

Wind and Solar Energy SPD - (Adopted September 2014)

Trees and Landscape SPD - (Adopted June 2013)

Domestic Waste SPD - (Adopted July 2012)

Open Space SPD - (Adopted November 2011)

Shop Front Design SPD - (Adopted January 2011)

North Northamptonshire Sustainable Design SPD - (Adopted March 2009)

Northamptonshire Place and Movement Guide - (Adopted 2008)

Developer Contributions SPD - (Adopted June 2006)


Supplementary Planning Guidance, Development Briefs and Village Design Statements

Guidance Documents

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