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Development Plan documents

Open Space and Playing Pitch Strategy

As part of the emerging Local Plan Part 2 evidence base, an Open Space Standards and Playing Pitch Strategy were commissioned by KKP Consultants.

These new reports replace the previous 'PMP' open space study and provide an updated evidence base to replace the data in the Open Space SPD 2011.

The reports were endorsed by Planning Policy Committee on 3rd April 2017 (Agenda Item 7) and form part of the evidence base for the Local Plan Part 2.    

This final suite of reports can be viewed below;

Open Space Assessment Report
The Assessment Report evaluates the quantity, quality and accessibility of existing open space in the district.

Open Space Standards Report
The Standards Report assesses the need and opportunity for new provision as well as providing evidence for determining planning applications.

Playing Pitch Assessment Report
The Assessment Report identifies existing Playing Pitches and assesses current pitch quality and accessibility. It details information on supply and demand.

Playing Pitch Strategy and Action Plan
The Strategy and Action Plan provides sport specific recommendations and general strategic recommendations.

For further information, please contact the Planning Policy Team on 01832 742144